Venwise Community Offerings

Talent Connection

The best candidates for the position you’re looking to fill aren’t out there looking. They’re thinking of looking. They come to us when they begin the exploratory phase of their search because they know our network will enable them to reach you quickly.

Keep an eye out for our talent roundup posted on Slack every Tuesday and Thursday. You can also review a full list of current candidates by clicking the link on the right.
Reach out to Yuval over Slack with requests for introductions and she’ll connect you accordingly.

Community Events

‘Three in 30’ Speed Networking
We recognize that expanding your peer network can fall down the priority list, especially during these times. Meet new people strategically and effectively with a bi-weekly 30 minute block dedicated to serendipitous connections with Venwise members. Join, match with three other executives in eight-minute sessions, and then head back to work within 30 minutes.

Topical Roundtables
When we hear of specific topics bubbling up in the community, we bring together a curated group of members to dive in, share best practices, and support one another in identifying solutions. These round tables are individually curated based on topic and happen on an ad hoc basis.

Member Direct Matching

We invite you to get to know your peers by exploring our member directory and requesting introductions to folks who you would like to meet.

Let us know what business issues you are currently tackling and we’ll match you with peers who are in — or have been in — comparable situations and able to provide insight.


In joining a Venwise Pod, you will have a place in a professionally moderated monthly meeting where a group of six to eight of your peers will collaborate on your most pressing problems and deep relationships will be established.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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