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Venwise is a Curated Community of
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Your Peers

Venwise was built by founders for founders. Our members include leaders of the tech community’s most successful companies.

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Structured Experiences

Structured Experiences

  • Roundtables (topic focused meetings with other members)
  • Pods (monthly meetings with your peer group)

Private Digital Resources

  • Moderated Slack Group
  • Curated Digital Events

Guided Networking

  • Member Directory
  • Member Matching

Application Process

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    Tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll match you with your peer-group.

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    We’ll review your application, discuss the opportunity with you and determine if there’s a fit

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    Once you are onboarded, you and your peers will work together with the help of our leaders to get to the bottom of your business issues.

What Members are Saying

Yony Feng
CTO at Peloton
Yony Yeng
Jon Stein
CEO at Betterment
Jon Stein
Nate Stewart
Chief Product Officer at Cockroach Labs
Headshot Nate Stewart Cockroach Labs