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The Opportunity


Venwise is an exclusive community for executives of rapidly scaling companies. We offer a safe place to work through critical issues, as well as structured learning experiences,  have proven to impact company growth. Our membership has raised close to $10.6B and employs over 33,000 people across the globe. Over the last 2 years, we have seen multiple exits and follow-on rounds raised.  


While Venwise hosts several event formats, the cornerstone is the Pod Meeting. Venwise Pods are small groups of C-level executives at high-growth companies. Pods meet monthly and over time become tightly knit groups bound by trust, openness, respect, and confidentiality. 


The Role


We are seeking Venwise leaders to facilitate unique monthly Pod Meetings and assist in growing our member-based collective. 


Venwise leaders are responsible for:

  • Facilitating and Moderating meetings

  • Sustaining the life of the Pod: Keeping up with Pod members and ensuring they are utilizing Venwise resources (in and out of the Pod) to ensure they are getting their questions answered

  • Maintaining the structure of the meeting so that our members can get what they’ve signed up for: a chance to learn from each other


Once leading a Pod, the role will demand 3-5 hours per month per Pod. 


About You


  • You enjoy building and facilitating sustainable groups, have a zeal for effective, tactical solutions and are seeking a commitment that compliments your lifestyle and day job. 

  • You can actively listen, explain and prompt insights in small groups.

  • You have experience (at least 5 years) managing, coaching or consulting professional teams in the startup world.

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