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Our selection process ensures that we exclusively admit qualified candidates who will benefit from our curated Membership experience.  The background of each applicant is carefully considered to maintain the quality of discourse within our community.



Complete the application form and submit.  All applications are confidential.


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We will reach out to schedule a discovery call to learn more about your role, company and business challenges to determine if Venwise will benefit you.


Curate your experience

If you are eligible and join, we will place you in a Cohort of your peers and pair you with an Experience Manager who will curate your experience with programming that is uniquely relevant to your needs.

The Venwise Cohorts

We group Members into 3 cohorts - Build, Scale, and Expand - based on their company stage and size, to curate a Membership experience that is appropriate to them.   Find out more about the characteristics of each cohort and where you might fit.


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Post Series A
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Post product market fit
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Revenue positive, pre-profit
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10 - 75 employees
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You’re building the fundamentals - quickly finding and hiring qualified talent to deliver on product development milestones so you can secure the next round of funding.


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Post Series B +++
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Building organizational infrastructure
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Revenue positive, pre or post profit
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75 - 400 employees
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You’re rapidly scaling operations - from hiring experienced senior leadership and investing in infrastructure to growing market share and revenues to position the company for an exit/IPO in the future.


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$1B Valuation / Pre-Exit
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Strategic Growth (M&A etc.)
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Revenue positive, pre or post profit
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400+ employees
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You’re working hard to sustain growth with predictable outcomes to form a durable company.  Managing expectations becomes increasingly difficult as you take on more investors, more employees, and more scrutiny (financial compliance, regulatory oversight, media coverage) in preparation for an impending exit/IPO at a substantial valuation.


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Post-Exit / IPO
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Founders/Leadership Team post exit
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$1B+ valuation exit
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You’re focused on…. you’ll know when you get here!

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But don’t just take our word for it

Venwise Members experience career-changing moments

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Jennifer Fitzgerald

Co-Founder + CEO, Policygenius

“I've been a Venwise Member for years and recommend it to every leader I meet. There is no better sounding board than a group of your peers who are dealing with similar business issues. It's also a bit of group therapy, and what CEO couldn't use a little of that in their life? I feel comforted knowing that I have an experienced group of peers to turn to when I need support.”

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CEO of Policygenius

Gijo Mathew

Chief Product Officer, VTS

"My time spent with Venwise peers helps me think through my most challenging problems in a dedicated safe space. I am able to learn from trusted and experienced peers with a diverse set of perspectives while I strategize my best path forward. I am a better decision-maker and leader as a result of my experience at Venwise."

Gijo Mathew, Chief Product Officer of VTS

Yony Feng

Co-Founder, Peloton

"Last year our engineering team experienced 100% growth and needed to be restructured. My Venwise Pod helped me adjust my strategy to better align with our annual goals and has had a direct impact on the organizational structure of Peloton."

Yony Feng, Co-Founder at Peloton

Jon Stein

Founder + Chairman, Betterment

"The immediate usefulness surprised me. I came in sceptical and walked away with a handful of learnings while thinking, wow, that was a great three hours; let’s do that again. Four years later, I continue to feel that way."

Jon Stein, Founder and Chairman of Betterment

Dan Chait

Co-Founder + CEO, Greenhouse

"Venwise has become a very important resource as we scale our company. My Executive Pod and the wider Membership have been instrumental in our journey and has made the job of being CEO less lonely. The curation of the Membership experience is the defining factor for Venwise - the opportunity to get connected to the smartest leaders with just the right experience and insight is priceless."

Dan Chait, Co-Founder + CEO of Greenhouse

Katherine Ryder

CEO, Maven Clinic

“In the very first meeting, I was having real conversations about critical business issues, with a small and highly curated group of peers who understood the pressure of being the CEO of a VC-backed business.

Every month, I get something out of my time: whether it's advice on a strategic business issue, a referral for a key hire, or useful context on an issue we're facing. The ROI is real.”

Katherine Ryder, CEO of Maven Clinic

Brian Murphy

CTO, SeatGeek

The moderated roundtable conversations feel like a cheat code — my pod provides a psychologically safe environment with a curated set of leaders who are able to really lean on each other through the ups and downs of startup life. Two companies and several years in, it's easily one of the highest-leverage ways I spend my time each month.”

Brian Murphy, CTO of SeatGeek