Our Story

Formed from the uncertainty that is fundraising for a new tech business, Venwise was founded in New York City in 2012. As a newcomer to the scene, we met countless investors and startup CEOs who were all looking to raise money, battle the challenges of being a high-growth company and get a handle on how to operate an investment backed business. It was clear Рso many entrepreneurs were facing the same struggles and had similar questions.


As a resource for friends, we arranged a time¬†for several executives and founders to meet at a roundtable and spend several hours working through their business issues and challenges. With the structure we provided, our peers walked away from the table with real and honest solutions. They all found that the void left by executive groups, accelerators and founder dinners was finally filled. These meetings continued monthly and as the original group’s companies grew, so did the idea that this resource could help many more executives.