Hello Members,

Here is a list of candidates that have expressed interest in working at Venwise companies. We’ve sourced this list through partners across the country and asked them to send their best candidates our way. Please follow the instructions below to review and request introductions.

Constructive Structure
  1. Review the candidate database below (to filter by role, experience, etc. click “view larger version” on the bottom right)
  2. Reach out to Yuval on Slack or through email (yuval@venwise.com) with a list of Candidate ID’s (found in the left column). Please copy and paste ID’s instead of screen-shotting them!
  3. Yuval will respond by sending LinkedIn links to each of those candidates so you can further review and decide if you’d like to connect.
  4. Once you finalize your list, send it to Yuval
  5. Yuval will send you an email where you’ll be asked to fill in a message for each candidate with a bit of context on your company and the role.
  6. Once you do, she’ll forward it to the candidate. If they are interested in connecting, they will accept the intro and you’ll be able to speak directly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!