Now Enrolling 2020 Members


Whether it’s personal or professional, we’ll connect you to CEO and CTO's who are working through similar challenges, so you can get the answers you need.

Reserve your spot to be first in line for:

Hyper Curated Roundtables

Every 6-8 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to join a 90 minute virtual conversation with a rotating group of C-Level executives, designed for you by the Venwise team and facilitated by an experienced moderator. 

Tailored Connections

When your team doesn’t have the answer, we'll work with you to mine or 450+ person network and find you someone who has experience with the problem that’s on your mind. On a monthly basis we'll curate a connection to another member whose experience is relevant to yours. 

Online Community 

Our Slack community becomes your network when you want quick input or recommendations from outside your team.

Topical Events

We bring members and experts together for discussions on the trending topics executives face every day so you. We group you into small, curated roundtables so you can learn from your peers and bring the knowledge back to your team. 

A Venwise Assembly membership costs $195/m or $495/q. The $25 deposit fee (requested to hold your spot) will be applied to your first month of membership. First 25 members chosen for cohort 1 will receive a free membership for one quarter. 

At Venwise, you’re always in good company.